I'm Elaine, 26, 5'0, Irish Girl

I'm a standard nerd mixed with a girlie girl. I enjoy xbox live, computer games, technology, documentaries, reading, learning, internet, space, rugby, F1, art and music. I hope to make this a mish mash of my thoughts and loves.

I'm a Visual Communications Student, I'm in my second year of the degree.
I hope to be a graphic designer, a teacher or something artistic when I finish my study and possibly plot an escape from Ireland in the near future.

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Let’s play #battlefield #xbox #xbox360 #battlefield3 #xboxlive  (Taken with Instagram)

Let’s play #battlefield #xbox #xbox360 #battlefield3 #xboxlive (Taken with Instagram)

Posted: Sat August 11th, 2012 at 5:35pm
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Tagged: battlefield xboxlive xbox360 battlefield3 xbox
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